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The Wailing Woman

November 27, 2023 Dungeon of Delirium Season 1 Episode 11
The Dungeon of Delirium Podcast
The Wailing Woman
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This episode came to us from one of the podcasts we sponsor. They asked us to proof it before launching since we have an ad roll in there, but we haven’t heard from them in weeks. Well, no need to waste perfectly good content!

To our friends Matt and Jay, we hope you don’t mind! You did such a good job telling us the story of…

The Wailing Woman

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00:00 - Theme
01:09 - Intro
02:12 - Episode Theme
02:34 - Story Begins
31:21 - Credits


The Wailing Woman was Written and Directed by Chelsa Darling
Executive Produced by Kevin Klausman and Chelsa Darling


Kevin Klausman
Patrick McCrea
Chelsa Darling
Farah Tary

Episode Theme
Story Begins