The Dungeon of Delirium Podcast

Sever Thy Wretched Tongue

October 06, 2023 Dungeon of Delirium Season 1 Episode 3
The Dungeon of Delirium Podcast
Sever Thy Wretched Tongue
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1983. A New England manor tucked away in the mountains. A sect of sorcerers. A powerful practitioner of the dark arts performing a final ritual in a dying body...and contact with incomprehensible powers that transcend thought and existence.

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Episode Credits:

Narration by Kevin Klausman
Written and directed by Kevin Klausman
Produced by Kevin Klausman
Executive Produced by Kevin Klausman and Chelsa Darling
Musical Score Composed by Kevin Klausman

00:00: Theme
01:10: Intro (Contest Details)
03:00: Musical Interlude
03:53: Story Begins
20:20: End Credits

Musical Interlude
Story Begins